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Fans React To Taylor Swift’s BIG Re-Record News — Fearless: Taylor’s Version!

It’s been a whopping two months since Evermore was released, so we were due for another big Taylor Swift announcement, weren’t we?

For real though, we don’t know if there’s ever been a recording artist as prolific as Taylor has been recently. She dropped two brand new, full length albums in 2020 (the first, Folklore, coming less than a year after releasing Lover, the best selling album of 2019). And in the fall of 2020, she began the process of re-recording her first six albums.

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We got our first tease of the re-records following the sale of her masters in pal Ryan Reynolds’s Match.com commercial, but the project was otherwise kept under wraps… until now. On Thursday, TayTay made a surprise appearance on Good Morning America with a big, Fearless message (below):

Yep, our first taste of the re-records will be Fearless, the 31-year-old’s second and the most awarded country album EVER. The Grammy winner explained more on her Instagram. Check it out (below):

In case you missed it — or you’re not an OG Swiftie — the music isn’t the only thing the cardigan singer is bringing back in this era. She’s also welcomed back her original method of easter eggs, little capital letter clues written in her notes. Following Taylor’s trail of breadcrumbs, fans put together that the whole, super-sized Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album should be coming our way April 9!

Of course, the legion of Swifties had a LOT to say, and #TaylorsVersion quickly began trending on Twitter. Some reactions included:

“Not her announcing the new Fearless coming out on April ninth (4+9=13) with her 490th post (4+9+0=13) THIRTEEN YEARS after the original she’s unhinged I love her

“We’re in the (Taylor’s Version) era and I’m so ready for it. #TaylorsVersion”

“26 songs! From the vault! That didn’t make the original album! Am I dreaming or what. That’s incredible. Fearless is the album that made me fall in love with Taylor and it’s coming back bigger and stronger than before. #TaylorSwiftOnGMA”


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And as one fan wisely pointed out, this is only the beginning. They wrote:

“We are going to be in Taylor Swift release cycles back-to-back for a long time as she releases the new ‘Taylor’s Version’ re-recordings.

Please drink water, eat, exercise, take breaks and rest when you can.

It’s important we take care of ourselves now more than ever.”

Phew! If this first announcement is any indication, we are NOT emotionally ready for this new, nostalgic Taylor era. You know we’ll be streaming Love Story (Taylor’s Version) all day tomorrow!

Check out some more fan reactions (below):

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube/Taylor Swift]

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