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‘The Bachelor’ Villain ‘Queen’ Victoria Is the Ultimate Karen

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The writing was on the wall even before The Bachelor’s self-coronated “Queen” Victoria Larson first stepped off her palanquin to greet this year’s sample of man meat, Matt James. Regardless of how much would be her doing versus the show’s producers—who know just how to capture everyone in their worst possible light—it was clear that Victoria would be a royal pain in the ass.

Despite this troublesome monarch’s obnoxious performance on Night One—which included stealing our Bachelor away from one of the horniest groups of contestants this show has seen yet not once but twice!—Matt kept the “Queen” around for a second week. And to no one’s surprise, this Monday’s installment saw Victoria making good on all that awful potential so many Bachelor fans clocked during the premiere—ripping pages out of the franchise’s long-established villain playbook at a feverish clip.

But Victoria’s “performance” this week was not the kind of drama Bachelor fans actually enjoy; as this cantankerous contestant’s “not here to make friends” energy quickly sprouted into a one-sided feud with her roommate, Marylynn, it all felt so predictable as to become headache-inducing. Despite Victoria’s insistence to the contrary, the exchanges that made it to screen, at least, sure make it seem like she decided to bully one of the gentlest people in the house—and then told Matt the opposite.

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