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The Bizarre Bromance Between Trump and Mexico’s President

MEXICO CITY—Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has thanked his U.S. counterpart effusively and often. He thanked Donald Trump for agreeing to send ventilators to Mexico. He thanked Trump for helping Mexico in OPEC+ negotiations. And he thanked Trump for the new USMCA trade deal (NAFTA by any other name, with a few revisions), which came into effect July 1. And now Mexico’s president is traveling to Washington to “thank the United States government for treating us with respect.”

Some may find that statement surprising.

Even more counterintuitive is a pattern of mutual backslapping that’s budded into a conspicuous bromance between the two populist presidents. Just how deep that goes, or not, will be on display when AMLO, as López Obrador is widely known, goes to the White House on Wednesday. 

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