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The Dystopian Taxidermy Duo Giving Instagram the Creeps

Courtesy Mothmeister

“We have a weak spot for the misfits. The shabby ones. Because they add so much more soul than perfect, gracious-looking animals,” says Mothmeister.

The Belgian duo has amassed a large Instagram following (287K and counting) posting their eerie, otherworldly creations—macabre figures, made via taxidermy, vintage masks, and secondhand Victorian costumes. They were inspired by the work of Walter Potter, an English taxidermist specializing in dioramas, and aim to create “fairy-tale-like storytelling” that disturbs and enthralls.

Mothmeister’s new book, Mothmeister: Dark and Dystopian Post-Mortem Fairy Tales, is available now from Lannoo Publishers, and saw the artists travel around to abandoned areas like Pyramiden or the disaster zone around Chernobyl.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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