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The GOP Isn’t Sending Their Best, and Pelosi Isn’t Having It

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

The Jan. 6 investigation, yet to begin, has already met more Republican resistance than the actual insurrection it’s meant to investigate but nevertheless Nancy Pelosi is persisting.

First, the Speaker couldn’t get the bipartisan commission she wanted because Mitch McConnell deemed that “It’s not at all clear what new facts or additional investigation yet another commission could lay on top of the existing efforts by law enforcement and Congress.” That’s a fancy way for Cocaine Mitch to say there’s no way in hell he was going to let honest lawmakers armed with subpoena power suss out any new facts about MAGA lawmakers let alone the Commander in Chief himself planning for an attack or even helping the attackers as it happened.

So Pelosi is forming a select committee, like the Republican Benghazi committee but this time to actually investigate something and not just to smear Hillary Clinton’s reputation. But the No Puppet Party can’t have anyone looking at what everyone already knows about their adulterous orange golf cheat in chief and spiritual leader, so house pet Kevin McCarthy did retiree Donald J. Trump’s bidding and after making the sacred pilgrimage to Bedminister offered up two clowns named Jim in Banks and Jordan to turn the committee into a circus.

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