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The One Good Thing the MAGA Mobs Smashed? The Trump Kids’ Futures.

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On Nov. 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump made his children the future of the Republican Party. On Jan. 6, 2020, he took it away. As someone who has suckled at the teat of nepotism, I can attest that you’re only as famous or as popular as the parent who made you relevant in the first place. On Jan. 6, Trump went from “annoying but useful to the Republican Party” to “the thing that the Republican Party finally realizes is going to kill it.”

Sure, many of us knew Trump would kill the Republican Party like five years ago. But Republicans didn’t seem to realize it until armed Trump supporters overran the Capitol, killed a police officer, and had politicians hiding in their offices. Trump is over. Will he cause a full-out civil war? We honestly don’t know yet. But it’s too early to say we’ve escaped this whole fiasco.

The infamous day started like any other, with the Trump sons shopping civil war to the president’s supporters. Said Junior: “This isn’t their Republican Party anymore. This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party. If you’re gonna be the zero and not the hero, we’re coming for you and we’re going to have a good time doing it!”

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