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The Best New TV Shows Coming In 2021

It’s a brand-new year, and with that comes a whole new slate of original and returning TV shows to fill our must-see watchlist. Even though we cannot wait for the return of shows like The Bachelor, This is Us, and Riverdale, there are many other new series dropping throughout this year. Honestly, these shows’ debuts are surefire ways to turn any 2020 bad mojo around and make things better.Networks including The CW, NBC, Disney+, and Netflix have been hard at work to ensure a full slate of TV goodness hits our airwaves this year. There’ll be super additions to both the Arrowverse and the MCU, reinvented versions of many nostalgic hits, compelling dramas based on popular novels, a brand-new Chip & Joanna Gaines reality series, and plenty of amusing comedies that’ll keep you laughing no matter what crazy things come our way this year. If you are ready to build out your must-watch TV schedule for the year ahead, keep reading below to check out what will be coming to your screens soon! There are so many TV shows and networks to keep track of, so we’ve broken down some of the series we’re most excited for in 2021.

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