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This Clown Car of Kooks Is Crashing Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Commission

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Trump flunky Kevin McCarthy, rarely known for effective leadership, is doing his damndest to undermine Speaker Nancy Pelosi even before the opening gavel comes down Tuesday at her consolation hearings investigating Jan. 6—a substitute for the independent 9/11-type commission that the attack warranted but Republicans killed even before it was born.

The House minority “leader” has assigned a clown car of representatives of little accomplishment, dubious character, and a penchant for cheap theater. Not one of them voted for the committee they’re joining. Three of the five voted to overturn the election of Joe Biden after the mob stormed the Capitol to try and lynch Pelosi or Mike Pence and overturn the election. All were chosen after McCarthy met with Donald Trump at his Bedminsters Club.

McCarthy’s posse goes from right—Jim Banks is chair of the conservative Republican Study Committee—to the far right in Ohio’s Jim Jordan, the founder of the Freedom Caucus and Trump’s fiercest defender known for legislating in shirtsleeves. Liz Cheney, who was demoted from her number three role in the Republican caucus because she called out Trump’s Big Lie before and after Jan. 6 and who Pelosi had already named to the commission had been with “That fucking guy, Jim Jordan. That son of a bitch” when the mob invaded on Jan. 6.

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