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This Coffee Expert Prefers This Over a $1,000 Espresso Maker

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Recently, I haven’t really been drinking as much espresso as I used to. Less walking around means less spontaneous coffee shop trips for me. I don’t own an espresso machine, and since they are a rather large investment and take up a ton of counter space, I’ve been hesitant to make the leap. Plus, it kinda feels like one of those things where buying a midlevel advanced machine (that’s around $1,000) will leave me yearning for the higher level (that’s around $7,000). But as time has gone on, I’ve been considering it more and more.

So I reached out to the guys at Trade Coffee, the best place to buy coffee these days, in my opinion, and spoke to Maciej Kasperowicz, the Director of Coffee (what a job title!). I thought he’d tell me to just get an espresso machine already, being the coffee lover he is, but his answer surprised me.

“All you really need to make good espresso-strength coffee at home is an AeroPress, plus one attachment,” he said.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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