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This Guitarist Says Now Is the Time to Learn to Play, No Music Teacher Needed

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For Adam Wessen, singer, guitarist, and founding member of the band Grouplove, music was pretty much always in the picture. “I was born and raised in the LA surf scene and I got heavy into punk rock as a kid,” he told me as we chatted over the phone on a recent Friday morning. “I remember seeing a few shows, like Smashing Pumpkins, back in the day, and it just changed me as a kid. I knew it was what I wanted to do. I ended up going to live in the Greek Isles for a while back in 2008, living with all these other musicians, and everyone who ended up forming Grouplove was there on Crete. We cut a record in LA a year later and I guess the rest is history now, you know, four albums and tours and all later. I started playing music when I was about nine and never stopped.”

If you have always wanted to play an instrument but, on the other end of the spectrum, never started, Wessen has words for you: “Stop making excuses. Anyone can play music, and there has never been a better time to start. People see learning to play the guitar or something else, they think of it as a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be fun, it’s an outlet, a connection.”

In short, the barriers you perceive are just that: your perception. And that includes the common misconception that good instruments and good instruction are just too expensive.

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