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This Is My Go-To Bathing Suit for Swimming, Paddling, and Chilling, Too

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/SAXX

Scouting Report: SAXX swim suits have the brand’s iconic pouch for extra security, and they come in multiple colors and lengths.

When I was a bit of a younger man, many a weekend day involved beach volleyball with friends, swimming and boogie boarding in the chilly Pacific waters off the LA coast, and plenty of time spent lounging on the sand in between such activities. Back then, I had no kids and lots of free time. I also had these absolutely terrible board shorts that were stiff, had no liner, took forever to dry, and didn’t give me the full range of motion I needed for those badass spikes and dives. Sigh.

Today, I have much less time for such littoral excitement, what with family and other such responsibilities, but as a family, we still make sure to get to the beach at least weekly during the summer, be it for swimming, paddling, or just general splashing about. (Lounging on the beach? Yeah right – maybe in a decade.) And these days when I hop into a kayak or canoe with my son, wade into the bay with my daughter or go for a beach stroll with my wife (like for a hundred feet or so until we’re called for), I’m wearing the swimsuit my diving, spiking, boarding younger self wishes he had.

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