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This Is the Amazon Swimsuit That Really Does Look Great on Every Body

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Amazon

Scouting Report: The Meyeeka Monokini is flattering, comfortable, and durable. It comes in tons of colors and patterns and, according to reviews, fits many differently-shaped bodies with ease.

Shopping for swimsuits is notoriously hard. No two bodies fit the same, and you might as well give up on finding pieces that fit comfortably while still feeling sexy. Searching for suits online is even harder, as you assess the model’s (potentially photoshopped) body and how it might translate to your own. Because I dread swimsuit shopping so much, I only own 3 pieces, but I have a clear favorite. I found the Meyeeka Monokini on Amazon one day as I tried to numb the burnout and existential dread of my purpose in life post-2020. It caught my eye for two reasons: The first was its cheeky cutout with a playful sexiness. The second was the range of body types featured in the reviews.

The key to finding a good swimsuit online is looking at customer photo reviews. Is there only one body type raving about the suit? If you don’t fit within that demographic, steer clear. When it came to the Meyeeka Monokini, I saw almost every body type represented as I clicked through the photo reviews. Would it be so wild to assume it would look great on me too?

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