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This Is the Only Face Mask That Doesn’t Fog Up My Glasses

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What’s the number one problem you have with your face mask? For me, that’s easy: I can’t see anything when I’m wearing mine. No, it doesn’t cover my eyes, but I haven’t been able to find a face mask I can wear that doesn’t, without fail, fog up my glasses. For the past six months, I resorted to using this anti-fog spray, which while effective, doesn’t have the longevity I need and I’d be left unable to see again before I knew it. Thankfully, I recently discovered a face mask that doesn’t fog up my glasses.

One thing to note about the Bilio Mask is this: sizing is crucial. I recommend actually busting out your measuring tape and measuring the bridge of your nose to your chin. If it’s above 5.1 inches, go large/extra-large, if below, go small/medium.

At first, I found this weird—I never had to measure my nose to my chin before, but once I understood how the mask works, it made sense. If you’ve ever been scuba diving or snorkeling, you know that ensuring your mask isn’t too tight or too loose is essential to creating a seal that won’t allow water in. This is how this face mask functions as well. The mask uses a crimp at the bridge of your nose to create a form-fitting seal around your mouth and chin. The mask is pushed away from your face enough that it doesn’t hit your lips, so there is room to breathe. Most importantly, the top seal directs your breath downward. As a result, air does not escape up top and therefore, if put on correctly, it won’t fog up glasses. Plus, the main focus for a face mask is to ensure air only escapes out through the fabric.

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