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This Little Mesh Bag Helps Me Bathe My Cats With Ease

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If you’ve ever tried to give a cat a bath, you know how exhausting it can be. The typically water-aversive pets are no strangers to creating an escape plan once they realize what you’re trying to do.

Despite cats being known to clean themselves, baths aren’t entirely unavoidable. My two cats, Tuna and Salmon have long hair that occasionally needs a good wash and groom. Pre-pandemic, I’d take them to a groomer, but these days I’m on my own. Typically, this leads to howling, hissing, and cats running around my home while still soaking wet. This was all before I tried the HATIKY Cat Bathing Bag.

I first heard about it from a friend who had seen one being used on TikTok. The bag is easy to use. It opens at the bottom, you slip the cat in the same way you’d pull on a hoodie (which is easier than it sounds), tuck their head through the turtleneck-like opening at the top, and adjust the size as needed with the drawstrings. It even has a handle on the top, allowing you to easily carry the cat-in-a-bag around, and a zippered opening at the bottom so you can access their paws for the ever-dreaded claw-trimming.

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