The major non-compliance issues in the U.S. insurance industry relate to non-compliance with claims handling, including timeliness, required disclosures, payments, and claims and appeals processes, as well as issues of complaint handling. underwriting, rating and insurance production and sales.

This emerges from a review by Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions of the actions taken by US insurers with respect to market conduct. The annual review uses public data from 2020 and examines actions in the P&C, life and health insurer market, including reviews and other enforcement actions.

Now in its 17th year, the 10 Best Driving Actions in the Market Review offers a compliance checklist of operational areas for insurers.

“Although technology has helped to streamline and automate some processes, our annual results on the 10 actions taken in the market continue to show the ongoing challenges that insurers face in managing their regulatory requirements,” said Steven Meirink , executive vice president and general manager of compliance solutions. Business. “However, a robust approach to compliance program management that includes a strong control and risk framework can be essential to help improve insurers’ conduct compliance success rates in the marketplace.”

Below is a list of the top compliance issues identified in market conduct actions in the United States by state insurance regulators. These problems are mainly found in the insurers’ claims, underwriting and sales processes.

Top 10 Market Driving Reviews for P&C Insurers

  • Failure to acknowledge, pay, investigate or deny claims within specified time frame
  • Failure to issue correct payments and / or compliant rejection notices
  • Use of unapproved / unregistered rates and rules or incorrect application of rating factors
  • Failure to properly process total loss claims
  • Failure to cancel, non-renew or refuse policies in accordance with requirements
  • Failure to meet producer appointment, termination, registration, reporting and / or licensing requirements
  • Failure to provide proper notices and disclosures required in handling complaints
  • Incorrect / incomplete documentation of claim files
  • Incorrect / incomplete documentation of subscription files
  • Failure to provide required compliant notices and disclosures in underwriting processes

While the Top 10 lists provide insight into current challenges facing insurers with respect to compliance risk, Wolters Kluwer says other findings also regularly surface. Routine determinations by examiners include failure to consistently identify the legal name of the insurer, as well as failure to adhere to certain state-specific mandates that range from the annual training requirement to claims in California to approval process required to use a different fraud warning. statement in New York.

Wolters Kluwer helps financial institutions manage regulatory obligations and risks.

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