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Trump Having Second Thoughts About That Concession Video


Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters feel angry and betrayed over the Thursday video in which the president tried to distance himself from a pro-Trump riot in Congress, despite the president’s advisers assuring him he had not alienated too many of his fans.

Shortly after his White House video—in which a scripted President Trump acknowledged that a transition to a “new” administration was underway, but stopped short of even admitting that he indeed lost fairly to his 2020 Democratic opponent—posted online, Trump started having second thoughts. Throughout the evening, the outgoing, increasingly authoritarian leader of the free world quizzed close advisers and White House officials about if he did the right thing, and if the reception from the public, the media, and his supporters was “good,” according to two people with direct knowledge of the conversations on Thursday. He asked if his supporters felt let down.

Some who spoke to him attempted to comfort and reassure him that it was being well-received and that he did what he needed to do and that Democratic lawmakers who were calling for his removal from office were just trying to kick him when he was down.

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