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“Trump’s Judges” Let Him Down. Now He’s in Truly Deep Sh*t

Brendan Smialowski/Getty

The new season of The Trump Show starts now.

The Supreme Court, in an unsigned order, Monday allowed the Manhattan District Attorney to obtain Donald Trump’s tax returns and other financial documents for a grand jury investigation into hush-money payments, tax fraud, insurance fraud, and falsification of business records. Barring any post-final, final-final, but-really-final-this-time challenges from Trump’s lawyers, they could be turned over by his accountants, Mazars USA, this week.

And so it begins. Trump’s post-presidency promises to be a cascade of humiliating episodes: financial disclosures, embarrassing personal revelations, additionally damning evidence of conspiracy-mongering and insurrection-stoking, possibly even bankruptcy and criminal prosecution. Yes, maybe even jail time. Trump’s legal troubles will make Cersei’s walk of shame look like a warm Sunday in the park.

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