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Ugly Inheritance War Pits Tycoon’s Son Against ‘Mistress’

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The son of a Texas billionaire is waging a messy legal battle against his late dad’s alleged “mistress,” accusing the Los Angeles socialite of extortion in hopes of avoiding paying her the millions she claims she’s owed by his father’s estate.

Bradford Phillips, son of Dallas real-estate developer Gene E. Phillips, filed a pair of lawsuits against Marsana de Monserat in California and Texas early this year. The suits came after De Monserat demanded $2.6 million in refinancing proceeds from one Florida rental property she owned but had allowed the late Phillips to manage, along with $1.7 million from a promissory note she said was given to her.

In January, Phillips filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing the jet-setting entrepreneur of extortion, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. This after Monserat’s lawyer sent the younger Phillips a letter indicating the attorney would contact the IRS and federal housing agencies over the missing $2.6 million.

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