What To Do With Your NYSC “alawee” Since You’re Not Working For It

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Let’s be honest, the people who started NYSC this year are the luckiest people in Nigeria; they literally just sit at home and make 33k every month from their fatherland. As respectable citizens, we cannot sit and watch this happen so we’re suggesting a few things to do with the money.

1. Return it

Tweet and ask for NYSC’s account number so you can return the money. That way, everyone will know you’re not a criminal and you’re ready to work for your own money.

2. Work for it

Get a broom and begin to sweep your street. That’s what they’re giving you the money for. Also, gather people’s children and begin to teach them physics (it doesn’t matter that they’re 3 years old, just teach them)

3. Use it to bet

Take all the money and use it to do sports betting. If you hammer, its more money for you to return to NYSC. If not, at least you tried.

4. Do giveaway, boss

Go to Twitter and randomly give people money.
Pros: People love you.
You get followers.
Cons: There are no cons.

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5. Buy food

Buy one sharwama everyday. Buying sharwama never hurt anyone. You’d be doing the right thing.

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