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What ‘Dash & Lily’ Would Actually Be Like In 2020

Dash & Lily has become one of Netflix’s most popular holiday series, and for good reason. Dash & Lily was filmed in 2019, and showed us a world that took place before the dumpster fire of 2020. The series wrapped filming before COVID struck, and showed viewers a world without masks, obsessive hand washing, and quarantine-living. But that makes you wonder: what would Dash & Lily be like in 2020? How would their romance unfold during the time of corona, and how would their treasure hunt mold itself around the pandemic restrictions of 2020? A lot has changed for us this year, so it only makes sense that things would have changed for Dash and Lily, too. Would Dash even have found the notebook if the series took place during the time of the pandemic? Would The Strand, the bookstore where he found it, even be open? Their dares and challenges would have definitely been different, and there would be less serendipitous bump-ins thanks to all of the “sheltering in place.” While the original Dash & Lily plotline is sweet and completely enjoyable, it would also be interesting to see how their adventure would have unfolded during the trying times of 2020. Ahead are a few theories.

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