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Why Taylor Momsen Turned Her Back on Hollywood

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“I feel like I’ve turned the curve a little bit,” mutters Taylor Momsen. “I’m not worried about seeing tomorrow.”

A few years ago, the frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless was spiraling, lost in a haze of drugs, booze, and what she calls “a black hole of depression.” Momsen’s rock group was on tour with Soundgarden and opened for them at Detroit’s Fox Theater on May 17, 2017. The following day, singer Chris Cornell would take his own life. Then, less than a year later, Momsen lost her best friend—and the band’s producer—Kato Khandwala to a motorcycle accident.

“We lost a lot of people quickly, back-to-back,” she says. “More than the people I talk about with the press, too.”

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