Woman horrified after finding slime resembling ‘dead mice’ in Asda beans

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An Asda customer has been left disgusted after she opened a can of beans and found what she said ‘looked like a dead mouse’ inside.

Sally Jones has claimed she felt ill after opening the box of her own Asda brand baked beans at her local store.

The 29-year-old accountant says she was cooking lunch for her son Reign when she made the vile discovery.

Pictures show the open box filled to the brim with brown slime and mold with no normal bean in sight.

The mum-of-three snapped a photo showing the base of the box which gave an expiration date of January 2023, reports The Sun.

Sally Jones, 29, claimed she felt ill after opening the box of her own brand Asda baked beans at her local store

Sally said: “I bought the beans just before Christmas, but when I opened them on Saturday I immediately knew something was wrong.

“As soon as I opened it, the smell was like something from beyond the grave.

“It was awful. Like a mouse had died in that box.”

Sharing the images on Facebook, Sally said: “I’m going to be sick 10,000,000 times. I just opened a can of beans to try Reign for lunch and it was inside.

“It’s in tune with the times, bought recently. What the real hell.

“My stomach right now, what is it. Never again to feed my kids stuff from a box or buy from Asda brand.”

She claimed to have contacted the supermarket by phone and email but had not received a response.

The woman said the said "it looked like a mouse had died" inside
The woman said it ‘looked like a mouse was dead’ inside

ASDA said the customer has not filed a formal complaint.

Dozens of disgusted viewers left comments on the post after being equally horrified.

Jennifer Bensaidane simply said, “F***. I have trouble looking at the pictures and it’s very rare I swear but it’s disgusting.”

Stevie Ferdinando said: “I will never shop at Asda again. I hate the shop anyway, it’s getting worse and worse. Email them this photo.

Another user, Samantha Greenwood, said, “It looks like a gremlin about to hatch. Why do these things always happen to you?

A fourth said “Where is the vomit reaction? It looks like a scene from a scary sci-fi.

“I spoke to Asda via email and phone, but they weren’t helpful at all.”

An Asda spokesperson said: “We have set ourselves very high standards and in the rare event that a box is damaged, it can lead to mold buildup.

“We have not received any complaints regarding our beans, so we would recommend that any customer unhappy with a product return it to the store or speak to our customer service team so we can investigate what happened.”


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